Antique, Chic or just a Geek?
Antique, Chic or just a Geek?


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In 2017, we created a few "Sea Glass" jar lights with "Sea Glass" we collected from Southwold's beaches.

These were given as gifts for family & friends but we were asked via social media if they were available for sale.


During 2018, we collected "Sea Glass"  from Southwold beaches and launched a range of "Jar Lights" for sale.

The 2018 edition sold out!!!


The 2019 edition have just been released!!!

A limited number of jar lights has been created and will be available at BH5 YAC.


In 2018, we created a couple of Glass Heads as special gifts for family.

We have now launched a 2019 edition for sale.

A very limited release of 6 heads holding roughly 5kg of Southwold Sea Glass and highlighted by 30 LED lights.

Available at BH5 YAC

Glass Heads filled with roughly 5kg of Southwold Sea Glass and LED lights - £75.00

Flip top jars filled with roughly 1.3kg of Southwold Sea Glass and LED lights - £20.00